Thursday, February 2, 2012

on love

i came up with the idea for this film, "on love" while traveling in israel during the summer of 2009. i spent the next year and a half filming friends, family, and those i met while traveling throughout israel, france, switzerland and the united states, getting a wonderful variety of thoughts on love.

below please find the film in two versions. the first is the entire film. the second is in eight 2 - 5 minute segments.

i would like to thank everyone who agreed to be filmed for helping make this such an interesting, exciting project. and in case you're too lazy to stick through the credits, i'd like to give a very special thanks to the ladies of the cell (nancy manocherian, kira simring, pat jones and garlia jonesly). i'd also like to thank kate sigler and dani organi for being there when the idea first sprouted. and thanks to nick archdeacon, jeremy bloom, tjasa ferme, and jason siegel for logistical help and to markus & kim fankhauser, eileen kristiansen, angel perez, giovanna sassi and lilya sitnikov for their help with translation. and a very sincere apology to those whose interviews i lost or otherwise couldn't show.

i hope you enjoy watching the film as much as i enjoyed making it.

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